14:30-16:00SP6Group psychotherapy amidst a universal turbulence: Containing and holding countertransferenceSub plenaryWorking Through Grief and Loss: Reenacting Relations on the Stage of Psychoanalytic Psychodrama
Nikos Takis (Greece)

Conceptualizing people “between borders”. Thoughts from a housing organization for unaccompanied minors.
Antonios Katsamagkos (Greece)

Working with supervision groups and institutions in stormy times.
Lila – Aglaïa Mitsopoulou-Sonta (Greece)

Lila – Aglaïa
SP7Uncertainty as the precondition of the continuity of existence in the tripartite matrix: Group analysis, culture and belongingSub plenaryUncertainty through continuity.
Dimitris Karamanavis (Greece)

Bearing the unbearable uncertainty during changing and turbulent times.
Aggeliki Arvanitopoulou (Greece)
Athena Marouda-
WS9Individuals and groups at war.WorkshopYael Doron (Israel)Orchidea B
WS10Dynamics of psychotherapeutic psychoanalytic SettingsWorkshopAnna Dyduch-Maroszek (Poland),
Gustaw Sikora (Poland/UK),
Nikos Stathopoulos (Greece)
Anna Zajenkowska (Poland),
Cezary Zechowski (Poland)
Gerbera A
WS11"A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away “: Transgenerational and cross-cultural dynamics in the long-term-treatment of a latency boy - Clinical perspectives from individual and family therapy.WorkshopGabriela Küll (Germany)Gerbera B
WS12Fill in the gap.WorkshopGabriele Grimm (Germany)BR106
WS13Therapists' "Immunity" in the Contagious, Symbiotic WorldWorkshopSimona Popa (Romania)BR107
PP16Psychotherapy in migration and war times.Paper presentation"Everything was normal, normal”: Exploring the defense mechanisms of former unaccompanied refugee children.
Lida Anagnostaki, Alexandra Zaharia (Greece)

Thinking therapy in time of war: Narratives of mental health professionals during the 2023/2024 war in Gaza.
Liliane Younes (Lebanon)
PP17Defenses, emotional reactions, and fear of breakdown in time of war.Paper presentation'It's a shame I was born in these times': Fear of breakdown as the ground collapses.
Yonit Shulman (Israel)

Beyond splitting and depressive position: Surviving in times of war.
Veronika Lukyanova (Germany)
Orchidea A
PP18Being a stranger in one's family.Paper presentationGroup analysis applied to parents.
Patricia Poppe (Portugal)

A family of strangers: Transforming otherness into familiarity.
Agnieszka Humięcka (Poland)
PP19Psychoanalytic work under fire.Paper presentationIn turbulent times: work, live, believe.
Ruslana Rudenko (Ukraine)

We entered under the stretcher: Group-analytic thoughts for a time of war.
Shulamit Geller, Eran Shadach, Einav Karniel (Israel)
PP20In the name of the father: A Psychoanalytic and socio-cultural exploration of fathers' role.Paper presentationFathers, daughters, groups and power: Gender and authority in turbulent times.
Nicholas Jones (UK)

Becoming of Polish fathers.
Maciej Chodorek (Poland)
PP21Changes in identity during times of war.Paper presentationThe large group as a herd and an object. Notes on "little differences" and defenses against fears in times of confusion and fear.
Izabela Sawicka (Poland)

Psychoanalytic psychotherapy between identity and change.
Luigia Cresti, Isabella Lapi, Cristina Pratesi (Italy)
PP22Issues of refugees.Paper presentationNew settings to welcome migrant families fleeing from war.
Niccolò Gozzi (Italy)

To Ithaca! Psychoanalytic therapy of adolescent refugee/war migrant patients.
Beata Maciejewska-Sobczak (Poland)
POP1Autism, Symbiosis and transitional space, representation in "autistic-contiguous position".Poster presentationOlha Mostova (Ukraine)To be published
POP2Assessment of the risk level of suicidal behavior among adolescentsPoster presentationDawid Sołomianko (Poland)To be published
POP3Embodied dynamics in short-term group interventions for adolescents: a psychoanalytic perspective.Poster presentationMałgorzata Pięta-Lendzion (Poland)To be published