We invite you to the vibrant and historic city of Warsaw, where modernity and tradition harmoniously intertwine to create an extraordinary conference experience.
In the heart of Warsaw’s Mokotów district, for the past 63 years, there has been a unique place that holds an unrivaled position on the capital’s entertainment map as a classic.
Restaurant Mozaika is a local phenomenon, a haven for Polish filmmakers, a true old-school establishment, and the hallmark of upper Mokotów. It brings together the people of Warsaw, serving Polish cuisine and ideas for intergenerational gatherings.
Here, politicians, journalists, and artists gather. It’s where Kieślowski used to meet with Wajda for a schnapps, discussing excerpts from excellent screenplays. It was also Mr. Kieślowski’s favorite café; he spent hours here in the 70s and 80s. The legendary “CAFE MOZAIKA” was one of the trendiest spots in the capital since the late 1960s.

Generations of Varsovians associate this restaurant with its distinctive menu, dances, and mosaic-colored neon lights. The neon is a remnant of a large-scale neonization project on Puławska Street from February 1971.

Mozaika’s menu bridges generations, divided into the “old” and the “new.” In the former, you’ll find Polish classics from the PRL era (such as “meduza,” herring with onions, Warsaw-style tartare, beef steaks, pierogi), while the latter offers contemporary options drawing inspiration from Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, and Balkan cuisines. The kitchen is co-run by ladies who have been cooking at Mozaika for over 20, and even 40, years. They handle Polish cuisine, while the younger chefs prepare mezze and grilled dishes. The Saturday night dances further evoke memories of old Warsaw. The restaurant was awarded the title of Best Restaurant of Polish Culinary Treasures in 2020.

The entire restaurant will be reserved for us from 20:00 to midnight. There will be a buffet with a wide selection of dishes, ranging from Warsaw’s classics to more contemporary options. For those that would like to take a spin and test the old school marble floors, there will be a dance floor available.

Participation in the Gala Dinner is only possible for conference attendees or their accompanying persons. If you have registered and paid for your conference attendance but haven’t added the Gala Dinner to your cart, or if you would like to purchase a ticket for an accompanying person, you can do so now.

Please bear in mind that there is a limit of guests at the dinner, due to the restaurants capacity – thus the order of registrations applies.

Bring your smile and dancing shoes, we will take care of the rest ☺